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Thirty five percent of the worlds’ population is classified as having an addictive personality. These addictive people control two thirds of the worlds’ wealth.

The makeup of these addictive personalities is commonly found in people of notoriety, such as actors, artists, pop stars, professional sports people and the like. On the other end of the spectrum of the addictive nature is the controlling dominance of financiers, bankers, stockbrokers and lawyers. Their addiction is channelled toward money ,power ,success and dominance of others in society.

Believe it or not two out of seven of these will become addicted towards alcohol and drugs, it is simply in their nature.

Why the dominant trait that drives these addictive people is emotion.

Their lives are ruled by it to the detriment of the sixtyfive percent of the “normal” people around them. They are dominant and strong willed personalities and often use alcohol and drugs, as a mood stabilizer to control and smooth out the ripples of emotion in their daily lives.

Eventually at some point their obsessive nature will switch from what we know as their ability to be seen as the consummate professional, to alcohol or drugs.

At the other end of the scale there are the addictive types that turn to alcohol or drugs to anaesthetise pain be it real or psychological , who haven’t the drive or willpower to function, they have either given up, or don’t have the fight and are depending on drugs or alcohol as a prop.

Whoever or whatever because of their basic obsessive or addictive personalities they have a problem in stopping and only seem to realise they have a problem when things go really wrong.

Hypnosis can kick start the process of withdrawal by dealing with any anxieties, reinforcing willpower, preparing the mind in general to deal with rehabilitation.


Hypnotherapy to reduce or stop drinking alcohol.

My system of alcohol reduction hypnotherapy deals with the emotional issues connected to drinking too much alcohol such as; boredom and stress or upsets. The alcohol reduction hypnotherapy allows you to gain control of your choices again by breaking the habit of drinking, reprogramming your sleep patterns and releasing cravings thus setting you free.

Hypnotherapy is a fully conscious deep relaxation where the mind is more able to take on positive suggestions thus making it easy to change alcohol habits and patterns.  You have programmed yourself to drink alcohol in the same way that someone programmes themselves to drive a car.  If you try to forget how to drink at your current level, you can't in the same way you can't forget how to drive.  The drinking habit is merely an alcohol programme in your mind.  The  hypno solution therapy relaxation will help change that alcohol programme in your mind similar to putting new software into your computer. This will allow you to create new drinking habits. You will only make the changes you want so you are very much in control. I am not going to make you stop drinking altogether if you want to still enjoy the odd glass of wine or bottle of beer.

Alcohol consumption often builds up over time becoming a habit hard to break with willpower alone or alcohol can increase following a bereavement, a prolonged illness, a financial crisis, work demands, being a parent dealing with children, relationship issues, running your own business, general pressures of modern living and social drinking pressure from fellow workers or friends.

Most clients do not want to stop drinking altogether but would instead like to reduce down alcohol to a safe limit as they may be concerned about health issues, are tired of feeling sluggish or alcohol is impacting on work performance and career.  Other people find their relationships are being affected by the effects of excess alcohol.  Hypnotherapy is a treatment which offers a solution to get you back in control alcohol. Some clients decide to give up drinking altogether a few months later as they get used to the reduction in alcohol and feel ready to let it go. Most of my clients choose to reduce down to an occasional social drink or only having an alcoholic drink at the weekend.

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