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What happens during a session?

Following an in-depth initial consultation to establish the clients’ needs, history and any other relevant information and to agree on what we want the session to achieve.

I then explain to the client what the session will entail – all clients are different , as is the content of the session- but the basic format is as follows:-

The client is put in the most relaxing position possible in order to minimize discomfort which may distract.

A trance like condition is then induced, but when in this state the client is actually in an enhanced state of awareness.

I am then able to  communicate with the subconscious mind, in order to change patterns of behaviour and to remove phobias, suppressed emotions, and, irrational fears.

We then aim to remove old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve the client in a positive way and replace with a new healthy way to fulfil the same positive intention.

At the end of the session when the client returns to full consciousness, the next session (if necessary) is discussed.

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